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This mask works best for normal to oily skin.


Directions for use: With a clean and dry applicator brush place a quarter-size amount of clay into the palm of your hand and add several drops of your preferred liquid (e.g., warm water or rose water) and then mix with the applicator brush. Add more liquid as needed until the mask reaches the desired consistency (a paste-like consistency works well). Then you paint the mask onto your face with the applicator brush and allow it to dry for your preferred period of time. For very sensitive skin the mask should be removed just as the edges begin to dry. For very oily skin the mask can be allowed to dry almost completely. A test on a small patch of skin should always be performed first and use of the product should be discontinued if there are any adverse reactions. Always avoid the sensitive undereye skin. For the best results, apply 2-3 times weekly. 

Set of 6 French Matcha Clay Mask

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