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About Us


Our company was started with a curious mind and a mother who wanted to teach her children that anything in life is possible. While driving to the beach one summer, a discussion was started about how people can do anything in life if they can read, follow directions, and discipline themselves. My daughter, Kayla (at the time 8 years old), seemed skeptical. Upon arriving at the beach we stopped in at the local farmer’s market. One of the first things my daughter noticed was a lady selling homemade soap with her daughter. Kayla looked at me and questioned, “Is this something we can learn how to do if we read, follow directions, and discipline ourselves?” I was caught. I felt obligated at that point to prove to my daughter that we could teach ourselves how to make soap if we read, followed directions, and implemented self-discipline. We spent the next several months at the library pouring over books about soap making and the history of soap, etc. After we finally made our first batch and tried it out, we were hooked! Not only was this homemade soap proof that we had the ability to do something we did not previously know how to do, but it was a completely wonderful and wholesome experience knowing that our children were using something that was entirely good for them. After extensive research about soap and its history and where we are today in the soap making industry, I experienced a paradigm shift. I no longer wanted myself or my family exposed to the harsh ingredients found in commercial soaps and other body products. After all, the skin is the largest organ in the body, why should I allow my children to have that organ exposed to so many harmful chemicals? With that new perspective in mind, my family and I have continued making soap and have slowly exchanged commercial body products, such as lotion and deodorant, with our homemade natural versions. Our products are made with love and inspiration from the Lord. We pray that our products will bless our customers as much as they bless us!

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